Although the Cleveland Browns have named Brian Hoyer as the starting quarterback for the start of the season, that's not keeping Johnny Football from cashing in the checks like he's amongst the NFL's elite.

Manziel's marketability is undeniable as he's already landed several endorsements deals, including inking a multi-year contract with Nike. Johnny's not only cashing in with on the field gear, but off the gridiron as well, as Snickers just launched their newest campaign with Manziel as the star in "Johnny JamBoogie". The commercial sticks to previous Snickers commericals campaign in the past where your not yourself when hungry, and in Johnny's case, that makes him a cliché '90s aerobics instructor, complete with the high-waisted shorts and unnecessary head band.

Check out the ad above, and watch the NFL's most famous back-up quarterback continue to dominate life off the field.

GIF via nextimpulsesports
GIF via nextimpulsesports


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