Kevin Durant is seven sneakers deep with Nike, but there has been a lot of speculation that the NBA MVP might be signing a sneaker deal with Under Armour. The rumors began swirling as soon as Durant's Nike contract expired last week.

The New York Daily News reported that Under Armour, a company that shares Maryland roots with Durant, is prepared to pay the OKC Thunder superstar up to $30 million per year. Durant's previous deal with Nike was worth $60 million at seven years.

Durant was recently scheduled to meet with Nike at its Oregon headquarters this week, but canceled the meeting, according to the Baltimore Business JournalTo make things even more interesting, Under Armour's senior manager Michael McBride sent out a tweet this morning that read, "Wish I could tell everyone what is going on today #Future #GoodPeople #Recruiting #Partnerships."

While nothing yet is official, this could be a game-changing move if Under Armour is able to add KD to its growing roster that already includes the likes of Stephen Curry, Kemba Walker, and Brandon Jennings.

[via Baltimore Business Journal]