Not only is adidas celebrating 65 years in the game today, but the Three Stripes is also just days away until the return of the EQT Guidance '93. To commemorate this runner's re-release, adidas has just unveiled part 1 of "The Best of adidas," a documentary by English photographer and filmmaker Will Robson-Scott.

In the piece, several notable figures from adidas and the sneaker industry give their take on the history of adidas' EQT line and its importance to sneaker culture.

"We called it Equipment because the word equipment, at least in America, is sort of a no bullshit word, " Peter Moore, creative director of adidas Equipment and an all-around sneaker pioneer, said. "You don't have a piece of equipment to have fun with. You have a piece of equipment to do something with."

It's this mentality that inspired the overall EQT category, which is driven by performance and good design.

"When you get a reissue that is reissued with the correct specifications, you don't necessarily have to rely on nostalgia to sell that product," Gary Aspden, a respected adidas connoisseur and consult, said. "People will just see it for the beauty of its design."

The adidas Originals EQT Guidance '93 returns this Saturday, August 23, at Originals retailers.

[via adidas Originals]