I'm not normally a really big hi-top stan because I have strong ankles, but these McNairy x KZK x Adidas dolla dolla bill y'all joints are technically "mids," so I guess this is okay. Although, I hear a lot of mid slander whenever I'm at the Complex offices. But, then again, those philistines turned down a box set of Kirstie Allie's newest show the last time I was there, so take that, you tasteless assholes. Anyways, I would totally buy these if I had 109 Great British Pounds just laying around. Instead, I'm gonna go to a trade show and loiter in Mark McNairy's booth because if there's anything McNairy likes, it's someone he doesn't really remember meeting all that well hanging out in his booth, trying to make conversation. IF YOU GUYS WANT AN INTERNSHIP WITH MARK, JUST MAKE MEANINGLESS SMALLTALK WITH HIM ABOUT HOW YOU REALLY LIKE THE WAY HIS SHOES ARE WELTED.