Everybody loves bacon. That's just fact at this point. The unfortunate thing is that bacon isn't necessarily the healthiest thing to be eating, and it violates the Paleo Diet, which many workout fanatics and Crossfit junkies follow religiously. For those of you hoping there was some way to bring these two loves together, the answer is here with Reebok Bacon.

Debuting at the 2014 Reebok Crossfit Games, Reebok Bacon is uncured and contains no nitrates, preservatives, MSG, or sweeteners, which is all in acordance with the Paleo diet. During the Crossfit Games from July 22-27, attendees try samples from the Reebok Bacon Box truck, with such treats as bacon-wrapped artichoke, bacon-wrapped chorizo stuffed, bacon-wrapped seasoned pork belly and more.

"Reebok wanted to engage with the CrossFit community in an authentic, memorable way. The CrossFit community loves bacon. They eat it. They talk about it. Some even wear clothes featuring it. We wanted to embrace the love of bacon and build something fun for the community, while remaining authentic to its spirit," says Will McGinness, executive creative director at Venables Bell & Partners, the company who put together this epic bacon treat.

Clearly Crossfit has exploded to epic proportions, but this just takes thing to a whole new level. We understand the love of bacon and everyone deserves it, but a specialized bacon just for Crossfit seems like a publicity stunt, and it's working great. Chances are Reebok will offer the bacon for sale through their site eventually, so check back for updates if getting bacon in the mail is something on your bucket list.


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