The next installment of the highly popular Tight of the Moment series is here.

For its latest collaboration, Nike tabbed Brazilian artists Flavio Samelo and Jayelle Hudson to design three different tights. The goal of the husband and wife team was to juxtapose the worlds of man and nature in an abstract form. The duo did that by blending their photographs of architecture and nature together.

“Most of us live in big cities in which buildings dominate our attention,” Jayelle says. “However, we often don’t think enough of how nature plays a role in our cities. Parks provide an outlet for recreation and reflection and trees give us shade. Our designs look to provide perspective on how the city and nature work in harmony.”

The Nike Women's design team was supplied a body map in order to place the art on the tights so that it highlights the leg's heating and cooling zones in a flattering fashion. The tights were also made with Nike's Dri-FIT fabric which pulls sweat away from the body.

The first set of tights from Samelo and Hudson will be available online and in-store beginning July 11 with the next two paris coming in August and September.


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