If you're up on your footwear news, you've undoubtedly seen the recently launched Nike Air Max Lunar1 campaign.

The campaign features beautifully rendered images of Nike's reworked classic. Fluid lines, stunning imagery, and strategic lighting all come into play in communicating and highlighting the prominent design details of the AM Lunar1. And the man responsible for creating this elegant work is Rizon Parein, a modern master of CGI. Parein was tapped to work on this project because of his expertise and ability to bend and work CGI neon signs that few others in the world are capable of. Combining technical know how with a keen eye for detail, Parein executed the AM Lunar1 project flawlessly. To find out more details about the campaign and Parein himself, head over to Bernstein & Andriulli to read the complete article.

[via Bernstein & Andriulli