When sneakerheads think of bacon, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the sizzling collaboration between Nike and DQM. That might all quickly change, though, because Reebok just took the bacon theme to a very epic and literal level.

At last week's Crossfit Games, Reebok served its own line of bacon. Not bacon-themed t-shirts or sneakers—actual bacon that you can devour. And the best part: It's healthy. The Reebok Bacon follows the principles of the Paleo Diet, which is a movement where followers can only consume fruit, vegetables, and meat. Reebok's bacon product is uncured and fitness geeks can jump for joy knowing that it's free of nitrates, preservatives, MSG, and sweetners.

While it's not known if the Reebok Bacon will go beyond Crossfit and land at local supermarkets, it's still a pretty amazing product that health-conscious 'heads can definitely appreciate, even if it just remains a special release at the Crossfit Games.

[via Reebok and Fast Company]