The Oregonian has reported that Melissa Bowerman, the daughter-in-law of Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman, was arrested earlier this week on sex abuse allegations.

Bowerman, 43, is the track and field head coach at Madras High School, and is believed to have been involved with a 17 year-old boy on the team.

State troopers arrested Bowerman at her home on Monday and took her to Jefferson County Jail. There are four accusations against Bowerman, including second-degree sexual abuse and contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor.

This isn't the first incident that involves Bowerman with a minor. Back in May of 2012, she was dismissed as a volunteer track coach at an Eastern Oregon High School for taking a student to the prom. In that incident,  there was no evidence found by Gilliam County Sheriff Gary Bettencourt​ that proved Bowerman broke the law.

Melissa Bowerman's husband of six years, Jon Bowerman, who also helped her coach the Madras track team, told The Oregonian, "She's still my wife, I still love her and still will no matter how this thing turns out."

[via The Oregonian]