Nike Baseball's bringing their talents to Minnesota along with the rest of the brightest players in the sport for the 2014 MLB All-Star Game. Coming off the heels of the recently unveiled signature cleat for Mike Trout, Nike is doing something special for the big game with the Lunar Vapor Spectrum Collection.

The collection features the Lunar Vapor Trout cleat and the Vapor Elite Pro batting glove in a exclusive look specially designed for the All-Star Game. Drawing from Minnesota's heritage and landscape, the collection is inspired by the sun’s reflection onto the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and shows a true smooth-colored spectrum of light that'll be laced up during the Homerun Derby and game next week.

The Homerun Derby product includes the Nike Lunar Vapor Trout Spectrum, Nike Lunar Trainer 1 Spectrum and the Nike Vapor Elite Pro Spectrum coming in a white upper with purple-to-navy fade Swoosh and midsole. The Vapor Elite Pro batting gloves come in a white mesh with green and yellow accents throughout. The All-Star Game collection features the Lunar Vapor Trout in five different colorways that fully stretch along the spectrum to easily match any team colors.

Check out your favorite MLB players next week in the Homerun Derby and All-Star Game outfitted in the Lunar Vapor Spectrum Collection, and be sure to grab your cleats and batting gloves beginning July 12 at the Nike Store.


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Nike Baseball Unveils the Vapor Collection

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