In today's era, the days of going to to store and trying on a pair of sneakers before you purchase them is all but over as majority of consumers rely on online stores to get their latest gear. It's a constant guessing game to see if the shoes run small or narrow in the particular model, and when the shoes show up on your door step it's almost a luck of the draw to see whether your new kicks fit correctly. In a casual setting, this problem is minimalized as users can compensate by tying laces looser or tighter to get the desired fit, but when buying shoes for performance, getting the right size is equally as important as the tech features themselves.

Jacques Slade, a staple in the sneaker community is here to help. In his latest video, Jaques gives some insight on how to make sure the next pair you buy fits like a glove, and provides some information to help you find the correct fit without those ridiculous measuring devices littered around shoe stores.

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