Player Exclusives from Nike and Jordan Brand are the most sought-after sneakers by collectors. Unless you're friends with an athlete, have a reputable connect, or have the money to blow, it's highly unlikely that you'll ever get your hands on a PE. The only other way to get these super exclusive sneakers is if you're an athlete (obviously).

The Detroit Pistons' Charlie Villanueva recently linked up with Sneaker Watch and talked about how the whole PE situation works amongst athletes in the league. He revealed that it's all about knowing the right person at the brand and that he has a Nike rep who coordinates what sneakers he gets to lace on the court. "I tell him exactly what I need and he tries to make it happen," Villanueva said.

That simple, huh?

Villanueva also goes on to say that if he could have his own Jordan Brand PE that it would have to be the Air Jordan VI. Not a bad choice at all.

[via Sneaker Watch]