While most female rappers have a well documented history of flaunting their assets, they aren't too well known for flexing at the gym. So until Nicki decides to go DJ Khaled on us, we'll decode what workout moves these bad b*tches use to keep in shape.

If only the gym #selfie had existed when Lil Kim and Foxy were friends...

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"Now I'm in the gym with my squats and my sit-ups, Doin the scissor-leg on my mat with my foot up"

Artist: Nicki Minaj
Track: Go Hard

Obviously Nicki knows all of the technical terms for her workout, and we can only image that she is a beast at the gym. Seeing as her motto is to 'go hard' in every aspect of her life we have no doubt we'd struggle to keep up with Ms. Minaj.



"Saying that I'm wiped and he turning me out no need for the gym cause he workin me out"

Artist: Lil Kim
Track: Chillin' Tonight

After running many-a-marathon back in the day to Ms. Kim's discography, it's pretty clear that her version of a workout is simply sex.


Nicki-Minaj-Football-Gear copy

"These bitches calling me Manning Eli, Manning Eli, these bitches calling me Manning Eli!!"

Artist: Nicki Minaj
Track: Roman's Revenge

Had to throw this one in. It's pretty self explanatory.



"Jiggle, jiggle, jangle. Watch how my gludius dangle. I do a 1-2 step, STOP. No, I ain't done yet."

Artist: Missy Elliot
Track: I'm Really Hot

We know that in the '90s Missy rocked the sweat suit trend pretty hard, but Missy's videos and lyrics prove that she is the leader of dance fitness at her local gym. We bow down, Missy.



"Locked down, blastin, sets while I mash out"

Artist: Eve
Track: Let Me Blow Ya Mind


"Walking tall against the rain, Victory's within the mile, Almost there don't give up now, Only thing that's on my mind, Is who gon run this town tonight?"

Artist: Rihanna
Track: Run This Town

We know Rihanna is no stranger to using workout tools as @badgirlriri props... but we'd like to think she keeps her frame with some real cardio too.

rihanna workout copy