Finally, the Rock has come back to The Tonight Show.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was the guest on "Fallon" last night where the Hercules star paired with Jimmy to form the workout duo the Fungo Brothers.

By just taking one look at Johnson, it's quite obvious that the former WWE champ is using a lot more than a shake weight to stay in shape. For his latest role, Johnson is on the record saying that he trained six days-a-week for six months to look like the son of Zeus. Each day began with a 50-minute cardio session followed by work on what ever muscle group he was targeting that day. This paired with a 22-week diet heavy on protein, carbs and fats prepared him for the role.

Last night's skit with The Rock wasn't the first instance that Fallon has trotted out the Shake Weight for laughs, as the Jersey Shore-spoofing "Jersey Floor" skit, as well as a segment with Emma Stone have all referenced the unique workout tool before.


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