New Yorker's are known for their unique and one of a kind fashion sense, whether those fashion choices are actually stylish is another story.

Chef Mario Batali is a staple in the New York food industry and owner of several hotspots around the city including Babbo. Batali is known for rocking his signature orange Crocs at just about every occasion, but he was faced with quite the dilemna as Crocs recently decided to discontinue the color. So whats the next logical step for Batali? Buying all the remaining stock of course.

“I just ordered 200 more because they're about to take orange out of the field,” Batali told Details magazine. “They made a special run for me before they retired the color. They're gonna stop the Mario Batali orange!” he said. “It's preposterous! But they're doing pretty well without me. Nothing lasts forever, baby.”

People Magazine did the math on Batali's order, and came to the conclusion that the celebrity chef now has enough orange Crocs to last him til he's 103. Get your shine chef, we support you.


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