Who: Frank the Butcher
Twitter: @FrankTheButcher

First of all, I think it's refreshing to read that the heads of Jordan Brand are acknowledging the importance of bringing the shoes we love — that we grew up on — back to their original state and integrity. It's no secret that the quality of materials, construction, shape, and even fit has declined over the years. Let's be totally honest, it's not in most companies' business models to invest more money into something that's already selling (like crack) the way it is. That within itself is a major statement. My question is, does it matter?

It will most definitely matter to some, myself included, but the majority of Jordan Brand consumers don't really have a reference to how the shoes used to be. If a retro cost 10-15 percent more after they re-engineer them, as long as there's a real distinction between the quality of previous retros, people will still cop. I think this is a guarantee. If the retail price increases and consumers can't see the difference, like really see it with the naked eye, I'm not sure how people will respond. At the same time, if that's the only scenario available at retail, will people have a choice? I just want to see my favorite retro models, in original make ups, in a better quality and fit. I look forward to seeing if this is a reality.