Who: Deon Point
Twitter: @Deon_Point_BLC

I don't think anyone will be displeased to hear about an overall increase in quality. The reality is its been an issue for some time now. The Jordan consumer is unquestionably the most particular in terms of details and authenticity. If anyone deserves that level of attention to detail, it's them. 

From a consumer standpoint, I don't see it posing that much of a problem, either. It's not a secret that price increases happen often within the sneaker world. People are already paying a premium for product that will look pale in comparison to the quality of the newly remastered retros.  Of course not everyone will share the same enthusiasm for the price increase. It's worth mentioning how difficult it is to obtain Jordan releases as is. That coupled with a higher price point may turn some people off. For the guy that grew up on the brand, I think he will appreciate the level of execution.