Graffiti artist Stash and Reebok have been putting out hits ever since the two started collaborating in 2011. Earlier in the year, the Brooklyn native teamed up with Packer Shoes on an Instapump Fury. He also released his own collection that included a ton of Pump sneakers decked in camo.

While the halfway point of the year isn't even here yet, he's already got another collection in the works that has already been revealed to be a red and blue Reebok Question. The man's got a lot on his plate, but could there be more?

Reebok recently teased a photo of Stash holding up a blue spray can with a caption that stated Stash was working on a special project. That message was also followed by a cryptic hashtag that likely alludes to a Reebok Question. Could this be in reference to his upcoming Questions, or is there something else in the pipeline? We'll have to wait to find out what Stash and Reebok are doing next.


[via reebokclassics]

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