Earlier today, Nike officially released its latest P-Rod model, the Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 8. 

With the shoe having already sold out on Nike.com, Paul Rodriguez continues to cement himself as one of the brightest names, if not the brightest name, in all of skateboarding. The skating star took a moment to sit down with Green Label to discuss his career thus far, his time with Mountain Dew, and of course his latest sneaker model.

In the interview, P-Rod shared a fact that was shared to him by a Nike exec. He, along with Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James, are the only athletes to have eight or more signature models with Nike. That, in itself, is a testament to how big P-Rod's name is in the skateboarding world. P-Rod went on to discuss the process of what he and Nike designers go through when it comes time to designing a new model. From design and tech, P-Rod has a hands on approach through all aspects of the shoe. He also shared the fact that work on the 8 started even before the P-Rod 7 officially launched. With great ambition and talent, P-Rod is building a lasting legacy for himself and the Nike SB line. Head on over to Green Label to read the full story.


[via Green-Label