By now, it should come as no surprise that Jason Sudeikis is a huge sneakerhead. Seriously, the man has quite the collection and even made it on our list of 15 Non-Athletes That Deserve a Signature Sneaker.

The former SNL star's fiancé and baby mama, Olivia Wilde, gets an up close look at Sudeikis' collection on the daily, but how exactly does she feel about it all?

The actress recently spoke with O magazine and talked about what it's like to share space with a sneaker collector like Sudeikis. Wilde told O, “He’s a sneakerhead with about 200 pairs of Air Jordans. They make up an extraordinarily colorful wall in our apartment."

Sneakerheads' girlfriends know the feeling all too well and it seems Wilde is supportive of the hobby. Deep down, you know she lowkey wishes Sudeikis would spare some closet space, though.

[via People]

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