This past April Nike unveiled the Mercurial Superfly, a football cleat created in relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo (that inspired an amazing HTM version). But with the World Cup coming up in Brazil, the street soccer capital of the world, Nike needed to update their newest cleat. So they made the Elastico Superfly IC.

The Elastico IC version removed the cleans from the sole and replaces it with a super thin, hexagonally printed unit perfect for playing ball in the streets. The upper is comprised entirely of Nike’s famous Flyknit system, with flywires holding it all together. The support extends up over the ankle for a full fit. A gold and black swoosh hits the toe, with a little extra gold flecking the midsole on the heel.

Nike is looking to release the Elastico Superfly IC on June 10, right before the World Cup, so Nike’s teams can grab their pairs before heading to South America. You’ll be able to grab them on that day, too.

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