Crooked Tongues editor and O.G. sneaker enthusiast Gary Warnett has shared a look at a Crooked Tongues x Reebok Insta Pump Fury (that he worked on along with Mubi Ali). As previewed for the first time on his Instagram, the eclectic vintage runner, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, takes inspiration from the World Cup.

The colorful palette, said to be a tribute to Brazil, Mexico, macaw parrots, and Mexican footballer Jorge Campos's signature jerseys, takes the Instapump Fury to a new level of unique. The '90s runner features blue and green underlays with an inflatable cage decked in tie-dye.

No word yet on an official release, but with the World Cup currently underway, we should expect to find out more details in the coming weeks.

[via gwarizm]

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