Written by Peter Walsh (@Peter_M_Walsh)

Allen Iverson turns 39 today. Marinate on that. The legend who crossed up Jordan, dropped 50 his rookie year, led the Sixers to the 2001 Finals, stepped over Tyronne Lue, changed the game forver, became a cultural icon, rode the highest of highs, experienced the lowest of lows and gave his heart and soul to the game turns 39 today. 

One of the most iconic players in NBA history had an erratic ride when it came to his signature sneaker line with Reebok. Debuting strong with the Reebok Question, then following that up with commendable follow-ups in The Answer sneaker line. There's been a resurgence of A.I.'s kicks as of late as Reebok has re-released the Questions, The Answers, and The Answer IV. Rightfully so, since Iverson singley-handedly made Reebok Basketball hot again in the late '90s and '00s. Here's A Look Back at the Sneakers Worn During Allen Iverson's Best Performances

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