The discussion of market value makes many sneakerheads cringe, but whether you like it or not, it’s a significant part of the game now. The Air Yeezys weren’t the first sneaker to be valued at over a grand, but they’ve blown any other sneaker that was officially released to the public out of the water. And let’s emphasize the part about officially released to the public. Those PEs, UNDFTD IVs, and Nike Mags—all of which make the Yeezys look like GRs and were only attainable through special means—don’t count as being officially released.

The resell value of the first Yeezys were tame: Back in those days, the “Zen Grey” and “Net” Yeezy Is were going for well under $1,000 while the coveted “Black/Pink” pair could actually be purchased for a little over a grand. While those prices have obviously risen over time, back then, these prices were nothing new to a sneaker world that had already been exposed to the insane value of Tiffanys and Supreme Dunks.

His follow-up pairs took resell value to new levels, though. Right out of the gate, both Air Yeezy IIs hit the resell market at upwards of $3,000, and resell prices for the “Red October” started at $4,000. Prices like this shocked even the most seasoned sneakerhead.