So What the Hell Happened in Complex Sneakers This Week? Let's see. We started off the week celebrating May 5th and took a look at a recent history of Cinco de Mayo themed sneakers. We got a double dose of Nick Young as the Los Angeles Lakers' guard paid a visit to New York City and went sneaker shopping with our Director of Content Strategy, Joe LaPuma. In addition to that, we give our reasons as to why we feel Nick Young is this season's NBA "Sneaker" MVP. With the recent release of the Nike Basketball "Hero" Collection, we thought it'd be fun to imagine what the shoes should've looked like. Lastly, it seems like everyone and their mother (HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY BTW) has a collaboration these days, but we chose the 10 best shops,brands, and individuals that are doing it the best. Check out these stories and much more in our What the Hell Happened in Complex Sneakers This Week recap.