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Known for its dominance in the swimwear market, Speedo will be looking to expand its reach into the footwear category this year. The brand is expected to release 15 new shoes in 2014 alone—among them, the all-terrain FST that made its debut just earlier this year.

Designed specifically for triathletes, the FST is a do-it-all amphibious shoe that can be used for everything from adventure travel to trail running to triathlons (and everything in between). As expected, the shoe is loaded with the latest in performance tech, including a high-grip Vibram outsole with TC1 compound and S-TRAC S-TRAC technology to deflect water away from the outsole in order to increase direct surface contact and improve traction even further.

Up top, the FST features a completely seamless construction to allow athletes to go with or without socks. To ensure get the ultimate footwear experience, Speedo recently partnered up with OrthoLite, who will provide the insoles for the FST, along with various other models.

The FST is available now. 

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