What’s up womp rats? 

Last week we gave you an exclusive look at the Vans Vault x Star Wars collection that was put together in celebration of Star Wars Day 2014: May 4. (If you say “May the 4th be with you” it’s like Mike Tyson giving the traditional Star Wars blessing.)

Although the pairs are currently available now in some spots overseas, a few spots in the states, copping them now has about the same success rate of dropping a proton torpedo into a thermal exhaust port (it’s only easy in the movies). Find our lack of faith disturbing? Well, today Vans opened up their sign-up for those who want to be notified of the larger release in the coming weeks. If you wanna be on the Yoda floral print wave, or cop the tonal Empire themed Half Cabs follow this link and sign up: Vans Vault x Star Wars sign up.

You better get on these pairs if you don’t wanna be a nerf herder.

[via Vans_66 on Twitter and Vans.com]