Former NFL star wideout and Jordan Brand athlete Terrell Owens has decided sell off a chunk of his sneaker stash.

The immediate assumption is that the gifted, yet brash, athlete has fallen on hard times and is selling off what he can for extra funds (much like Warren Sapp a couple summers ago). But it's hard to fathom how someone who earned an estimated $80,000,000 can blow through all that cash. While reports of Owens financial struggles have been well documented over the past few years, the sneaker sale is a stark sign of his fall from grace. If you're a glass half full type of person, you hope that TO is just doing some spring cleaning or giving his fans an opportunity to own some of his stuff. For those wondering, there are tons and tons of Team Jordans available here. If you were wondering the total value of TO's sneaker sale— it's priced at just over $8,000, with most sneakers going for around $125. Owens' Air Jordan III cleats, sadly, aren't in the lot. Maybe things aren't as bad for him as we thought.

[via TO81]