Who: Deon Point
Affiliation: Deon Point is a man of many hats at Concepts in Boston— from buyer, designer, to manager.

"Its funny to refer to it as sneaker 'culture,' right? At the root it's always been fashion, but over time it has become a subculture in its own right. From blogs to specialty stores to PEs, it's taken on a life of its own. Broken maybe? Dead... Not even close. 

The sneaker world has experienced more success than ever before. It has transcended being the status symbol of the inner city youth to being a multi-billion dollar industry. More kids have purchased Jordans since he retired than when he actually played. Never imagined that celebrity endorsements would resonate more with consumers than athlete endorsements. Social media and sneaker blogs have accelerated the footwear world's popularity to new heights. Still, the light that has shined upon the footwear industry can only account for some of the blame. Reselling has become the occupation of choice these days.

We've seen it all from lines being cut to people paying homeless people to wait in line for them. I know Nike has been taking a proactive role in trying to keep it honest. No matter what, reselling will always find a way to beat the system. Who would have thought a problem like bots would eclipse counterfeit goods? As a consumer, I can see how frustrating it can become to track down a shoe you want. I've seen kids wait in line to purchase an item and turn around and sell it in front of the store. Or kids pay kids to wait in line take a pic of all the pairs they paid for and @ cncpts (on Instagram) like we hooked them up. I don't think you fix this. Just let it run its course. Eventually overexposure will take its toll, and the hype will slowly subside."