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Footwear brand Skechers has been busy all year poaching high profile runners for competitor brands as it continues to expand its reach in the elite running world. However, runners are the only type of athletes the brand is targeting. You’ve probably already seen legendary quarterbacks Joe Montana and Joe Namath on your television promoting Skeckers. Now it looks like he’ll be joined by another sports great, Pete Rose.

To keep its momentum going, Skechers has announced the signing of Rose to help promote its Relaxed Fit footwear line. Skechers is expected to launch an all-out campaign for Rose and the other former pro athletes through 2015.

“Our Relaxed Fit from SKECHERS campaign has been so successful because fans love seeing sports icons off the field,” said Michael Greenberg, president of SKECHERS. “We’re thrilled to bring Pete Rose on board and have a fantastic concept that plays to his unmatched talent and of course his notoriety as well. Pete will help drive the message that our comfortable footwear is the ideal way to help you stay relaxed in any situation.”

No word yet whether the former baseball great will be tapped to promote the brand's performance footwear collection.


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