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Technology is taking over in sports, as just about every major organization has implemented some sort of instant replay or video review into their game. Not only can the advancement of technology help the right calls be made, the information can also be used as a teaching tool to improve a players game and focus on the weak points of their game.

The SmartCourt from PlaySight International is a full sized tennis court, outfitted with high-definition cameras that capture and record every stroke, step and movement while on the court, along with a interactive courtside kiosk that displays even more information. The SmartCourt can drastically aid in player development. However, due to the cost, there's only about ten courts in the New York area, along with a few European clubs that have the technology.

Good news comes today, as the expansion of SmartCourts just got a shove in the right direction. PlaySight International just received a $3.5 million dollar investment for a global roll out of the prized technology. Some of tennis' biggest names were part of the investor group including Novak Djokovic, and the legendary Billy Jean King.

Having such notable names behind the SmartCourt gives true legitimacy to the technology as even the sport's biggest players believe the use could drastically improve a players game and make the sport better overall. PlaySight is scheduled to use the investment to install SmartCourts at more then 100 facilities in New York, Florida, California, and other places.

Let us know what you think of the SmartCourt and keep it locked to Sneaker Report to learn where you can play on one in your area.


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