Yesterday, French YouTube channel Yard uploaded their lengthy interview with Pigalle founder Stéphane Ashpool about Pigalle’s recent collaboration with Nike. Ashpool was refreshingly candid when it came to discussing his work with Nike, the process, and the future.

[image via pigalle_ashpool on Instagram]

Ashpool’s inspiration for the project came from playing basketball as a child, and it’s still something he spends time doing as an adult. In fact, he says later in the video, that when he and his team travel around the world, they always take the time to play. In a recent trip to Japan, the first thing they did was grab a ball and hit the court. It acts as a sort of social equalizer, a way to start conversations. After playing in Tokyo, “We talk to people... How you gunna do this on the street? You go talk to people like this? No. [Basketball] opens many doors."

When looking for an aesthetic inspiration for the collection, he said “Patina, tie dye, stonewash… it was my main inspiration for the Pigalle shop” so he wanted to bring it through collection to reflect the progress of time.

[image via pigalle_ashpool on Instagram]

says that the reason he chose the Air Force One is that it’s a great basketball shoe, it’s comfortable and has the technical elements required to play. But it can also be worn for style, “The mix of sportswear and fashion: Air Force One…” But Pigalle’s not going to stick with the AF1 forever: “In the future it’s going to be another silhouette." He didn't want to share too much about upcoming projects, but "we might have a surprise for you..."

[image via pigalle_ashpool on Instagram]

There’s much more in the video, like discussing Nike's limits, what it's like to collaborate with them, and his favorite part of the collection. Check it out above.

[via YARD on YouTube]