The Nike LeBron XI has been a troubled sneaker in the 2013-2014 NBA Season. It's well-documented that LeBron had issues with the sneaker, but its overall look and technology has 'heads optimistic about the silhouette.

With Nike producing the Elite version of the sneaker, a few pairs of the XI have hit the outlets. Spotted at Franklin Mills, Penn., the "Forging Iron," "Diffused Jade," and "Denim EXT" can all be had for below retail.

As seen, the "Forging Iron" and "Denim" models are going for $200, and the "Diffused Jade" is priced at $180—down from the $250 suggested retail price.

According to Twitter user KarateKickz23, the sneakers are B-grades and available in sizes 8-11.5.

The Franklin Mills store is located at 1455 Franklin Mills Cir, Philadelphia, Penn., and the store's phone number is (215) 632-1500.

[via karatekickz23]