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On 1994's "Halftime," Nas told the world, "And I'm a Nikehead, I wear chains that excite the feds." From that point on, his legacy was stamped as someone with an interest in sneakers—and as a first-class lyricist.

No one has ever question Nas' sneaker passion—he currently owns a sneaker store, 12AM Run, located in Las Vegas. But his brother and crew member, Jungle, just posted evidence of their sneaker exploits before Nas signed his first record deal.

Seen in the Throwback Thursday image are Nas and Jungle posted up in Queensbridge. Nas has on a pair of Nikes as Jungle sports a crispy pair of O.G. "Carmine" VIs.

It ain't hard to tell that Nas was telling the truth.

[via jungleqb]