We’ve seen Mache create hundreds of designs on countless pairs of sneakers, but rarely do we get a look into his world like this.

Recently, the preeminent sneaker customizer paired up with BACARDÍ to bring some extra attention to their newest flavor addition: Mango Fusion. BACARDÍ put together a mini documentary to get a behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating the shoe’s design and Mache’s history. You get to watch Mache work on a pair of all white Air Jordan 1s, turning them into an assault of mango inspired colors.

There’s more to learn in the video than just about this one shoe, though. Like how many pairs Mache paints a week (between four and 12), why he started painting sneakers (he just wanted to show off at the neighborhood barber shop), and his thoughts on the confluence of sneakers, basketball, and fashion.

Check the video for more.

[via Bacardi USA on YouTube, stills via Mache]