FSU has been in the news recently, mainly due to the Jameis Winston crag leg fiasco, which led the star's suspension from the team. However all the news surrounding the Seminoles isn't bad today, as FSU just debuted their uniforms the team will wear for the upcoming Military Appreciation Day.

Earlier today, we previewed the Oregon Football "Salute the Day" spring games uniforms, which pay homage to the men and women who serve our country on a daily basis. Florida State is joining in by showing their gratitude by debuting these Military Appreciation Day uniforms. Featuring an military green jersey, with the Seminoles name across the chest done in camo print, the uniforms are a direct representation the traditional military colors. Nike also hit FSU with a fully camo hat, and the Air Force name on the back of the jersey. Although we only get a look at one, chances are other branches of the military will be honored on the back of jerseys as well.

Check out the FSU baseball team as they honor the people who risk their life everyday to protect and serve our country when they debut their Military Appreciation Day uniforms, May 5, against Minnesota.


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