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There was a time when women’s-specific sneakers were hard to come by. These days, things couldn’t be more different. Thanks to brands like Under Armour, the ladies no longer have to settle for smaller men’s sizes. Instead, they have available to them a whole new breed of footwear designed to cater to their specific fit. The latest example of this is the new UA SpeedForm StudioLux.

Built in the same clothing factory that birthed the UA SpeedForm Apollo running shoe, the SpeedForm StudioLux is an all-around multipurpose shoe designed to help take women from the gym straight to the city streets without skipping a beat.

The shoe features a slimmer athletic cut that gets rid of unnecessary bulk and helps give it more aesthetic appeal. Much like the Apollo, the StudioLux comes with a lightweight, form-fitting upper to give the foot a second-skin feel. UA has also given the shoe a signature seamless heel cup for anatomical prowess. Best of all, the shoe tips the scale at a mere 3.65 ounces—that’s crazy light.


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