First Signature Sneaker: Vans Woost God Slip-On

It's no secret that Nick Wooster is one of the darlings of the #menswear world. There is photographic documentation of his existence everyday on this earth for the last five or so years. He can be caught repping many menswear brands—giving them "The boost from Woost" they're looking for. He's been street-styled mostly in hard-bottom shoes, but has showcased slip-ons from brands like Diemme, Greats and, of course, Vans. Vans' Lifestyle segment already calls on other menswear favorites like Engineered Garments and WTaps. So it should take advantage of Wooster's clout by giving him a line of Slip-Ons that will have fanboys and swaggerjackers lining up outside of Journeys.