We all know that knockoff sneakers exist in the market. While they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the whole concept of ripping off a sneaker design is just wrong, lacks creativity, and brings nothing of value to the sneaker community. It doesn't look like that stopped a British supermarket from creating knockoff Nike Roshe Run sneakers, though. Check out this photo that was taken at a Tesco grocery store in the UK that shows a teal and blue colorway of a sneaker that looks exactly like the Roshe Run. From the mesh upper to the midsole, silhouette, and even laces, this is basically an unbranded Roshe that's priced at 18 British Pounds ($30 USD). We're not exactly sure what we should be more amazed at—the fact that it looks spot-on like the Roshe or that they even bothered knocking off a $70 shoe.

[via pruffs]