With another week in the books, we're here once again to recap the choicest sneaker stories that our site had to offer. We got a chance to sit down with several resellers to gain some insight into their world and to see their perspective of the sneaker game. Have you ever thought to yourself, "this sneaker blogging shit, I could do this." If this is you, peep our video on "Sneaker Blogging 101" as several veterans of the game drop knowledge on what it takes to be one of them. In other news, with footwear failures befalling several NBA ballers of late, we decided to revisit several of these events. New to the game? We've all been there. Join us as we take a look at what it's like to be a sneaker "newb" in everyone's favorite format, .GIF. Finally for the week, being gay in our society can be difficult and even dangerous at times. Read as we take a firsthand look at what being a gay sneakerhead is like in our culture. Here are The Top 5 Stories from Complex Sneakers This Week.

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