New sneakerheads have it rough.

For those of you just getting into the game, you already know that things ain't what they used to be. The days of waking up just one hour before a release are long gone.

Now, there's a calculated strategy that goes into copping new sneakers. You have to build up a network, take full advantage of the Internet, and be selective with pairs that you do choose to cop.

Don't worry, though, we all have to start somewhere. And just so everybody else knows what you have to go through, this is The Struggle of Being a New Sneaker Collector (in .Gifs)

Because the overabundance of releases at stores today, being a new sneaker collector means you have to carefully calculate all your sneaker cops:

All your friends have the heat already:

You have to resort to eBay and pay extra for the retros you missed:

Sometimes you get a little too excited about a random release that no one else cares about:

You constantly have F.O.M.O. Nobody likes missing out:

You'll never seen a day when Jordan releases are under $150:

Established sneakerheads automatically put you in the hypebeast category:

The waiting just gets longer and longer (and more dangerous, too):

But hey, At least you can buy online, right? Wrong. Only the strongest survive copping shoes on a Saturday.

If you're on the older end of the spectrum, your homies may have already lost interest in collecting sneakers:

There's good news, however: For the dedicated, new sneaker collectors, none of this even matters. Just think about the amazing feeling you get every time you cop that new heat: