As everyone should know, at least hopefully knows, today is Tax Day. Unless you have plans to follow in your favorite celebrities footsteps and get charged with tax evasion like Daryl Strawberry, Martha Stewart, or Wesley Snipes, chances are you've turned in your tax forms by today and are just patiently waiting your return, or whipping out your checkbook to give yet another handout to the government. A trying subject in the world today is healthcare, as many companies are eliminating or cutting back on their policies due to the overwhelming costs. Jordan Metzel from, took a look at the current healthcare system and is from the belief that financial incentives from gym memberships could encourage a healthy lifestyle and increase preventative health care.

It's a rather simple idea actually, as those who exercise have a considerably lower rate of stroke, heart disease, and other illnesses. Metzel believes that offering financial deductions and incentives on their taxes will encourage people to be more active and prevent diseases that drive up health care costs across the country. A major problem in today's world is obesity, as more than 70% of adults 20 and older are obese. Americans are looking for any way to cut costs and save money and todays unstable and unpredictable economy, so any way put more money in your pocket and promote a healthier lifestyle to the masses could be a simple and beneficiary fix.

To read the full article head over to, and let us know what you think of Metzel's exercise incentives @SneakerReport.


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