Airlines and the flight attendants they employ are for the most part terribly, completely swagless. They lead you like cattle onto their overcrowded planes, serve you a mini can of diet Pepsi and a bag filled with two broken pretzels and expect you to fork over hundreds of dollars. As for the flight attendants, I mean, yeah, sure, objectively speaking, their job blows nuthole. Dealing with hundreds of angry, self-centered people a day, while zooming around the world without ever getting to enjoy the destinations sounds terrible. But worst of all, their uniforms are fugly as shit. Luckily for them, art director Marco Lemcke has imagined which Nikes pair perfectly with which airlines, making their uniforms both increasingly comfortable and #relevant. The real winner here is clearly Virgin Atlantic, who, in Lemcke's view, is deserving of Air Jordan "Raptors," while KLM airlines gets pretty much boned with some basic ass blue Roshe Runs.