Summer is just around the corner, which means like most people, your cracking down on your workouts to get the most tangible results for the ever elusive beach body. Exercise junkies will always tell you that variation is the key to getting results, and that often means stepping out of your comfort zone. To aid in those ever important spring time workouts, the team over at Equinox Fitness Group offered up some training tips and workouts to better educate your active lifestyle and achieve the highest results possible results.

  • If you regularly strength train and lift, you should incorporate body weight training and Pilates to help strengthen your core and postural muscles, creating more stability, mobility and fluid motions.
  • If you studio cycle regularly, you should try yoga to strengthen your upper body and open up your hips for a more mobile body, resulting in a more productive cycling class.
  • Lack of motivation or just can't commit? Try small group training, such as a boot camp series, to launch your fitness foundation and get guidance from an expert while being in a group environment (bring a friend).
  • If you dance regularly, you may want to schedule some physical training sessions to get a physical and functional assessment as well as one-on-one coaching. Your coach can develop a strength training program that will not only balance out your workout, it will improve your dance moves.
  • For those who regularly do pilates, incorporating a HIIT workout could be largely beneficial. Adding some high intensity interval training will boost metabolism, increase aerobic capacity and aid in weight management.
  • If you practice yoga on a normal basis, incorporating resistance training could take you to the next level. Yoga is definitely a strength builder but rock your workout by trying integrated and compound resistance training to build lean muscle. Add in external resistance to your workout by incorporating dumbbells, resistance bands, or kettle bells.
  • For those who run or do extensive treadmill training, adding loaded movement training exercises could be largely beneficial. Adding multi-directional loaded movement with equipment options like ViPR and SandBells will shock your body into breaking new ground and gaining new results. The added benefit of gaining muscular strength and definition through integrated movement creates a more balanced body.


For more information and workout tips, head over the the Equinox website, and get yourself in the shape you've always wanted.