The 2014 World Cup is rapidly approaching as teams are gearing up to show off their skills this summer in Brazil in hopes winning soccer's biggest event. National pride is a huge factor in soccer especially during World Cup play, as citizens from all around the world head to the tournament to represent their country. Hurley is encouraging the U.S National team not only on the field, but off, with these special edition boardshorts, supported by their 'Fly the Flag' campaign.

The kits feature both hats and shirts, along with the shorts so you can represent your country from head to toe. Hurley designed boardshorts for not only the U.S team, but France and Brazil as well, with variants for the home and away colored jerseys.

"We try to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete in the world," said Hurley Creative Director Ryan Hurley. "Connecting the competitive passion for sport and country, through Phantom Innovation, is what this project is all about. I feel very fortunate to be a small part of such an inspirational moment for the world's best."

Hurley's boardshorts are the industry leader as they received an unprecedented six consecutive SIMA Boardshort of the Year awards for their lightweight, stretchable design and materials. Hurley maintains their commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability by using recycled bottles to create the shorts.

The Hurley Phantom Boardshorts will go on sale at and select retailers beginning May 1.


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