Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade shocked the sneaker world in the fall of 2012 when he announced that he was signing with Chinese sportswear giant Li-Ning for his next signature shoe line. Previously signed to the more prestigious Jordan Brand, Wade stated that one of the reasons he made the switch to Li-Ning was that he had more creative control over the whole shoe process with the Chinese brand.

"I'm able to do some things that I wasn't able to do in previous brands," Wade said at New Orleans Sneaker Con back in February. "I have a little bit more control on how things are done. We're just trying to do things a little different."

With Wade's latest signature shoe, the Way of Wade 2.0, that creative freedom shows off, as there are some truly wacky colorways (with more on the way) that most likely would not exist on the Jordan Brand. Wade recently took the Instagram to show off some of the zany colorways of upcoming releases. With plenty of cheetah prints and stripes, we are hoping (actually, begging) that these shoes see some court time when the playoffs tip-off.

We've collected some of the wildest color schemes released so far in the gallery above with a few classic looks sprinkled in. Check out the gallery and decide for yourself if the union of D-Wade and Li-Ning has been a good one so far.

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