April 19th. Mark that shit down right fucking meow because on that day the beautiful saints at Eastbay are going to re-stock some incredible Jordans, most of which you definitely bricked copping the first time around. Amongst the grails are Bred 1s, Royal 1s, He Got Games 13s and Gamma 11s (if you're an embarrassment to your friends and family). This release doesn't guarantee you will finally acquire some of the best sneakers of all time, but it does guarantee that Saturday morning at 8 is going to be straight fuckery. Honestly, we'd be shocked if Eastbay doesn't straight implode beneath the atomic weight of a million thirsty hypebeasts. This is gonna be like an internet version of the Anchorman fight. We can only hope that by 8:05am you're riding off into a sunset of victor and doing the happy dance for weeks to follow. Godspeed. Shit has never been realer.

Update: Eastbay has now said that they will only be re-stocking sizes 15 and up for basically all of the best styles (including the Royal 1s) so fuck this shit.