John Daly worst outfit
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Golf is a much calculated game of risk. Take out the driver and go for the green? Or make the safe play and lay up? The risk in the game often goes well beyond play on the course as many players like to hit the links in a one of a kind outfit. Style in golf dates as far back as the game itself, back when you're great, great, great grandfather was rocking knickers with argyle socks. Ever since then, golfers have used the course as their own personal runway, showcasing some of the most ridiculous outfits the mind could conjure.

The 2014 Masters Tournament this weekend at Augusta National marks the first major event of the PGA season. There's always been a mystical allure to the Masters, as some of golf's greatest legends have made history there over the years. Due to tradition and respect, many golfers tone down their outfits while on golf's biggest stage at the Masters, but in honor of the years' first major, we compiled some of the worst looks to ever hit the course.


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Danny Mitchell is a freelance writer from New York and contributor to Sneaker Report with an unwavering passion for the Knicks, sneakers, golf, and vintage 90's gear. Find him on Twitter @dmitch_23

Billy Horshel Octopus Pants
Image via USGolfTV

Billy Horshel

Sponsors: Ping, Titleist, Ralph Lauren, FootJoy

Horshel is a Ralph Lauren endorsed athlete, so if theres anything good that came out of these octopus pants he wore at the 2013 U.S Open it's that he probably gets the Kanye cosign.

Billy Horshel Worst Outfits
Image via ManvsBookie

Bubba Watson Camo pants
Image via Esquire

Bubba Watson

Sponsors: Ping, Titleist, Oakley, EA Sports

Bubba Watson is never scared to take risks as we saw with his miraculous shot out of the woods to secure his victory in the 2012 Masters Tournament. His risk-taking transcends his play on course as Bubba is never shy to express his style through his clothing whether it be camo pants, or suspenders. Unfortunately for Bubba, trying to keep up with trends hasn't worked out too well for him.

Bubba Watson worst outfits
Image via Golf.Pasje

Bubba Watson Worst Golf Outfits
Image via SimononSports

Rickie Fowler Worst Golf Outfit
Image via BleacherReport

Rickie Fowler

Sponsors: Puma, Titleist, Cobra, Rolex

Known for his bright colored, eccentric outfits which often feature every color in the spectrum. We commemorate Fowler for picking his own lane, but it often distracts from his play on the course. Fowler is still searching for his first major win on the PGA tour after being named the Rookie of the Year back in 2010. With such great potential, Rickie may want to focus more on his game and less on closing his eyes while he picks out today's outfit.

Rickie Fowler Worst Outfits
Image via CounterKicks

Rickie Fowler Worst Outfits
Image via Business Insider

Rickie Fowler worst outfits
Image via PGA

Rickie Fowler worst outfits
Image via Zimbio

Rickie Fowler Worst Outfits
Image via PuckSauce

Ryan Moore worst golf outfit
Image via Zimbio

Ryan Moore

Sponsors: Adams Golf, Shift4

Many consider golf a game of class and sophistication so a button-up and tie doesn't sound like a bad outfit, but pair it with your run of the mill black fitted to take your outfit to a whole new low.

Ryan Moore Worst Outfits

Rory Sabbatini Worst Outfit
Image via GolfHipster

Rory Sabbatini

Sponsors: Taylor Made, adidas

Cowboy hats with a skull belt buckle might sound badass, unless you happen to be Rory Sabbatini. Granted, Sabbatini lives in Texas, so his fashion sense is kosher, but something doesn't translate when your playing the worlds most pristine golf courses. Oh, and one of his belts is sequin.

Sabbatini worst outfits
Image via Business Insider

Sabbatini outfits
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Sabbatini worst outfits
Image via LA Brokes

Jesper Parnevik
Image via TheSportingLife

Jesper Parnevik

Sponsors: Cobra Puma Golf, Upper Deck

Jesper has always been known for his old school style that often looks like he just stepped out of a time machine. Sure, his hats are one of a kind and you'll never mistake Parnevik for anyone else on the course so he's got that much going, but an updated wardrobe could change his whole ora and propel him to his first major victory. On second're 49 Jesper, keep doing your thing.

Jesper Parnevik worst outfits

Image via Footjoy

Image via Gett Images
Image via Getty Images

Woody Austin

Sponsors: N/A

Woody Austin isn't the most popular or well known golfer on the planet, but those who do know him are well aware of his unique taste. Austin, the longtime pro and 1995 PGA Rookie of the Year, has yet to win a major, with his closest coming in 2007 with a second place finish at the PGA Championship. There's nothing wrong with a patriotic look but theres something about Austin that just makes you want to break a putter over your head.

Woody Austin worst golf looks
Image via Getty Images

Image via GolfForBeginners
Image via GolfForBeginners

Ryo Ishikawa 

Sponsors: Callaway

Ryo Ishikawa came onto the PGA tour back in 2012 after several successful years on the Japanese Tour. Ishikawa's nickname is "Hanikami Ōji", which literally translates into "bashful prince". Someone should tell Ryo to stick a little more to his nickname as he sure wasn't bashful when he came dressed in his best frat outfit. Never before has a red vest, white turtleneck, backwards driver hat and sunglasses looked good.....never.

Iskihawa golf outfits
Image via Presidents Cup

And that time he stole Bert's shirt.

Ian Poulter worst outfit
Image via Uni-Watch

Ian Poulter

Sponsors: Titleist, Puma, Nikon, Oakley

Arguably the worst dressed golfer on tour, Poulter has to be applauded to an extent because when it come to fashion, he just doesn't give a shit. Doesn't matter the occasion, Ian is likely to pull out something absurd from his closet, but at least he's consistent in his poor style choices. For example, Poulter channeled his inner Trinidad James during the Johnnie Walker Classic in India 2008, and as you can see, failed miserably. #AllGoldEverything

The 138th Open Championship - Round One

Poulter worst outfit
Image via Becks Tailoring

Poulter Worst Golf Outfits
Image via

John Daly Worst Outfits
Image via Getty Images

John Daly

Sponsors: Loudmouth Golf, The Grip Master, PinHigh Golf

John Daly has taken golf swag to a whole new level after launching his signature line Loudmouth Golf. Nothing can ever quite be more boss then having a mullet, smoking a cigarette and wearing paisley pants, oh and getting paid to do so. Bow to the king.

John Daly worst Outfits

John Daly Worst Golf Outfits

John Daly worst Outfits
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Daly Worst Outfits
Image via CBS

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Danny Mitchell is a freelance writer from New York and contributor to Sneaker Report with an unwavering passion for the Knicks, sneakers, golf, and vintage 90's gear. Find him on Twitter @dmitch_23