It's no secret that a majority of sneakerheads are males, but the number of female sneaker enthusiasts is definitely growing every day. When you see GS sizes flying off shelves, you know ladies are doing work. Bullet Media, a fashion-centric print and online platform, covered the recent rise of womens' infatuation with sneakers in their latest, "Shoe Gaze: Are Women Poised to Become the New Sneakerheads?"

In the article, Bullet Media discusses the influence of sneakers in high-end women's fashion and even channels Complex's own Lawrence Schlossman and Russ Bengtson for their take on female sneakerheads and just the whole aspect of being a "sneakerhead." Whether you're a female or male, read the article on Bullet Media to find out what these two experts have to say.

[via Bullet Media]