Full Name: Toni Kroos
Club: FC Bayern Munich
Country: Germany
DOB: 04 January 1990 (age 24)
Height: 6’ 0”

Billed to be one of the best all-round midfielders currently in the game, it is tough to imagine that Toni Kroos is finding it difficult to hold down a secure spot at Bayern Munich. In fairness, that has a lot more to do with the quality Bayern possess across the middle than Kroos own personal play. It is an unusual dynamic that has led to increased speculation he will be headed elsewhere this summer, with Manchester United the likely destination.

In terms of style, Kroos has the ability to play multiple roles effectively. It is something he has had to do this season in order to get into the team, having sat out much of last season due to injury. Rather than sitting higher in his more natural #10 role, he has dropped deeper into the midfield where he is required to get on the ball more. Rather than struggle to get the job done, he has actually excelled and in several high-profile games this season (including Bayern’s 3-1 win over Man City) Kroos controlled the ball with much aplomb. In fact, he completed 98% of his passes while also created several key opportunities.

And that is exactly where he is different from other players around. In his current role, he plays like an Iniesta, where he is part of the possession game while also impacting the team’s creative play. Other than Iniesta, there is no one else that plays the position as well. And given the fact Kroos has an excellent ability to tackle as well as a 6’ foot frame, he almost has an edge over the influential Spaniard. Ok, so let me backtrack there – he has the ability to be better than Iniesta if he grooms his play in the right direction and continues to improve.

Did you know? Kroos made his senior Bayern debut at the age of 17 years, 8 months and 2 days old. At the time, he was the youngest player to play for the club.

The next few months could be extremely important in the career of Kroos. First, he has to establish himself in the Bayern squad, something that won’t come easy. If he decides to move elsewhere, which still looks on the cards right now since his contract talks are currently stalled, choosing the right destination will be key. That decision won’t come easy, considering he also needs to focus on this summer’s World Cup in Brazil, where he will be a key figure in Germany’s attempt to win the tournament. With all that in mind, expect to hear a lot more about Kroos over the next few months!

Kroos in adiPure IV
Image via Facebook

Currently Wears: adidas adiPure IV

It seems to be standard in the current game to see pro players regularly changing their boots to new ranges and introducing fresh colorways. This is most definitely not the case with Kroos, who is still currently wearing the adidas adiPure IV range, originally released in December 2010! In fact, since their release he has stuck with the range pretty consistently, only switching to test other boots on one or two occasions. The most notable was a quick foray with the adiPure 11Pro in January 2013, but that only lasted 1 game.

The actual colorway he wears is the Zero Metallic/Black/Matte Gold, which he started wearing in September 2011 – that equals 28 months in the same colorway. It is an astonishing run but it shows the compatibility Kroos has with the boots. His ability to control the game from the middle matches the classic, simple style of the adiPure IV. Built with comfort in mind, they suit players who like to stay on the move and get on the ball for as many touches as possible. Many consider the adiPure IV to be the best adiPure released by adidas.